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A revolutionary way to do recruitment, without using a resume.

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About Us


What is Resume Free?

Resume Free is a job-matching site that connects candidates with employers, without using a resume 

Why go Resume Free?


70% is our magical number. 

70% is the minimum threshold we will accept for likelihood of success in the role based on our matching system. 

70% is also the amount of administrative time we will save you by not having to sort through resumes to get the top candidate.

74% of hiring managers admit they’ve made a mistake in hiring.

75% of applicants will be screened out by their resume alone through the applicant tracking software or by the recruiter.

95% is the amount that we will save employers from traditional recruitment costs; 18% of first year’s annual salary of $42,000 equals a fee of $7,560, for an entry level role. 

How does it work?

We use cloud-based technology, providing secure, job specific predictive analytics that simplify the recruiting process taking the guess work out of whether or not the candidate and employer “fit”. 

Candidates and employers will be matched that meet the requirements on location, salary, job type, and hours. 

What roles do you have available?

We are currently testing twelve roles in the marketplace. 


Administrative Assistant

Medical Assistant

Legal Assistant

Office Manager

Accounting Clerk

IT Analyst

Human Resources Coordinator

Software Developer

Web Developer

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sales Representative

Customer Service Representative

Will there be more roles?

Absolutely! We are in market-testing mode and are starting with these twelve. 

Resume Free will be offering employers the option to customize their Ideal Candidate Profile starting December 2019.

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